About Us

We, the Maryland Society of Unexplained Phenomena, are dedicated to the research and investigation of paranormal phenomenon. Our Investigators are all down to earth, respected professionals, who have had our own dealings with the paranormal. These experiences have driven us to search for answers, and offer assistance to others who may have been affected by the paranormal.  

We will investigate all reported activity, which will include client observations, historical research, and documentation of phenomena taken during the investigations. Ultimately, we want to provide the best possible resolution to the client’s requests and concerns.

MSUP uses equipment and methods which have been tried and proven effective to get the best results possible during our investigations.  We also network and consult with other paranormal groups in the area, resulting in a wealth of knowledge and resources.

Feel free to browse our website- Take a look at our investigative team,our display of equipment, and learn about some of our past investigations.

Be assured your privacy and confidentiality with all those involved will be respected unless otherwise requested.

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